MyImage GPT: how to create visually appealing infographics ?

Infographics, with their combination of graphic elements and data, have become a powerful tool for sharing ideas in a concise and memorable way. MyImageGPT allows users to do this in a personalised way without any knowledge of graphic design. Here are a few details.

Define your objective and message

Before starting to create the infographic, it's important to specify the objective you want to achieve and the message you want to convey. This will help guide the choice of visual elements and textual content.

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Choosing an infographic template

MyImageGPT is like GPT image generator, offering a wide range of pre-existing infographic templates suitable for different types of content. You can choose a template according to the subject of the infographic, the amount of data to be presented and the desired style.

Customise your infographic

Once you have selected a template, you can customise it by adding your own text content, changing the colours and inserting images or icons. MyImageGPT has an intuitive interface that makes these modifications easy.

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Adding text content

MyImageGPT lets you add your own text to the infographic, modifying the font, size and colour of the characters. This allows you to highlight key information and structure the content clearly and concisely.

Changing colours

The infographic's colour palette can be fully customised to match your graphic charter or the mood you want to create. You can choose bright, dynamic colours to attract attention or more neutral, professional colours for a more sober look.

Inserting images and icons

MyImageGPT lets you enrich your infographic with relevant images and icons. You can import your own images from your computer or choose from a vast library of royalty-free images. Icons can be used to illustrate concepts visually and concisely.

Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

MyImageGPT's interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for users new to graphic design. Drag-and-drop tools and simple functionality allow you to customise your infographic quickly and efficiently.

Examples of personalisation:

  • Infographic for a marketing blog: You can choose bright, dynamic colours, add icons to illustrate key concepts and use a modern, eye-catching font style.
  • Infographic for an educational presentation: You can opt for neutral, professional colours, use clear, legible fonts and incorporate images or diagrams to illustrate your points.
  • Infographic for a corporate report: You can use the colours of your graphic charter, adopt a formal font style and incorporate graphs or tables to present your data.

Generating the infographic

Once the infographic has been finalised, simply click on the "Generate" button to obtain the final image. MyImageGPT allows you to download the infographic in PNG or SVG format for later use.

Advantages of MyImageGPT for creating infographics

In short, MyImageGPT offers a host of advantages for creating infographics

Ease of use

MyImageGPT stands out for its ease of use, making it accessible to a wide audience, even those with no knowledge of graphic design. Its intuitive interface and features make it easy for anyone to create attractive infographics.

Save time

Creating infographics with MyImageGPT is a quick and efficient process, saving you precious time. Thanks to its pre-existing templates and intuitive customisation tools, you can create professional-quality infographics in just a few minutes.

Variety of templates

MyImageGPT offers a vast collection of pre-designed infographic templates, suitable for a wide variety of subjects and styles. Whether you want to present statistical data, illustrate a process or highlight key concepts, you'll find a template to suit your needs.


Far from being static, MyImageGPT's infographic templates are fully customisable. You can change colours, fonts, icons and images to create a unique infographic that matches your visual identity and message.

Image quality

MyImageGPT generates high-quality, sharp and precise images, guaranteeing a professional rendering for your infographics. You can download your creations in PNG or SVG format to share them on your social networks, include them in your presentations or integrate them into your marketing materials.


MyImageGPT is a revolutionary tool for creating visually appealing infographics. Its ease of use, efficiency and variety of templates make it a valuable tool for anyone who wants to communicate information clearly and concisely. Whether you're a marketing professional, an educator or an ordinary user, MyImageGPT will enable you to create professional-quality infographics in a minimum of time.

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