What is the information on chatbot-related events and conferences ?

The field of chatbots is experiencing impressive developments. Every year it attracts the attention of a multitude of players, whether they are developers, researchers, businesses or simple enthusiasts. To stay at the forefront of the latest trends and innovations in conversational artificial intelligence, participating in events and conferences dedicated to chatbots is crucial. This article aims to help you identify the most relevant events and conferences based on your needs and objectives.

Identify major events and conferences

The landscape of chatbot events and conferences is constantly evolving, offering a wide range of options for enthusiasts, developers, researchers, and businesses looking to stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations in conversational artificial intelligence. Here is a complete overview of the major events not to be missed.

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International conferences

First, we have AI for Customer Experience (AIFCX), organized every year in different cities around the world. AIFCX brings together the world's leaders in conversational AI to explore the latest advancements and applications in customer service.

Thematic sessions, hands-on workshops and networking opportunities allow participants to discover best practices and strategies for implementing successful chatbots and improving the customer experience. You can visit this site for more information.

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Next comes the Web Summit which takes place every year in Lisbon, Portugal. The Web Summit is one of the most prestigious technology conferences in the world. A dedicated section on chatbots and conversational AI attracts industry experts, startups and leading companies each year, providing a comprehensive overview of emerging trends and disruptive innovations in this field.

Finally, the SLACK Developer Conference, organized annually in San Francisco, United States. The SLACK Developer Conference is specifically aimed at developers who want to create chatbots for the Slack platform. In-depth technical sessions, tool demonstrations and hands-on workshops allow participants to master chatbot development technologies on Slack and explore the different possibilities offered by this platform.

Regional events

In terms of regional events, we have the Chatbots Summit Europe: taking place every year in different European cities. The Chatbots Summit Europe brings together experts and companies from various sectors to examine the challenges and opportunities related to chatbots in Europe. Thematic sessions, case studies and roundtable discussions allow participants to discover best practices and strategies for adapting chatbots to specific European contexts.

The Chatbots & Conversational AI Asia Summit, for its part, is organized annually in different cities in Asia. The Chatbots & Conversational AI Asia Summit highlights Asian region-specific trends and opportunities in conversational AI.

Sessions dedicated to local markets, expert presentations and networking opportunities allow participants to understand the challenges and potential of chatbots in the Asian context.

In addition to these major events, many other more specific events and conferences take place each year, providing a wealth of opportunities to expand your knowledge and connect with the chatbot community. It is important to stay informed and follow industry news to identify the events best suited to your needs and objectives.

Select relevant events

In addition to major events, there are many other more specific events and conferences that can meet your needs. To select relevant events, it is recommended to:

  • consult the websites of organizations specializing in chatbots and conversational AI;
  • follow the social networks and blogs of experts in the field;
  • use professional event search platforms;
  • read news articles and blogs discussing chatbot trends.

Prepare and actively participate

Once events are selected, careful preparation is essential to get the most out of your participation.

Set clear goals

Before you embark on the event, set specific, measurable goals for your participation. Do you want to acquire new technical knowledge, discover disruptive innovations, establish partnerships or simply expand your professional network? Clear objectives will guide you in your choices and allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your participation.

Identify relevant sessions and conferences

Carefully review the event program and identify sessions, lectures and workshops that match your interests and goals. Prioritize presentations from recognized experts, demonstrations of innovative technologies and topics that correspond to your specific needs.

Prepare relevant questions

Don't hesitate to prepare specific questions to ask the experts and speakers during the sessions and networking moments. Your questions will demonstrate your engagement and allow you to gain valuable information and unique insights.

Make contacts and build relationships

Events and conferences are unique opportunities to meet and network with others in the chatbot industry. Take advantage of networking moments, coffee breaks and evenings to exchange ideas, share your experiences and explore collaboration opportunities.

Share your impressions and discoveries

After the event, take the time to share your thoughts and findings on social media, by writing blog posts or participating in online forums. Share your key learnings, highlights, and thoughts with the chatbot community to contribute to information exchange and enrich the field.

By actively participating in events and conferences, you maximize your learning and development opportunities in the world of chatbots.


Navigating the world of chatbots requires constant information monitoring and active participation in industry events and conferences. By following the advice in this guide, you will be able to identify the most relevant events according to your needs and objectives, and thus stay at the forefront of the latest trends and innovations in conversational artificial intelligence



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